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My paintings are an ode to the landscape where I live, the Puget Sound Region of the Pacific Northwest.   The topography of distant mountains, ancient forests, lakes, waterways, and the endlessly changing sky serve as constant inspiration for my work. I closely observe the diversity of plants and the unique color harmonies of each season. On daily walks I look for compositions or views that strike me, and take photographs for source material.  


Several months out of the year I join a plein air group, which provides me with material for larger paintings. The experience of painting outdoors challenges me to paint quickly, to compose on the spot, and to immediately record my impressions of color and light. 


In my studio, I use traditional oil painting techniques, creating a toned ground underpainting followed by layers of paint. I may begin with an idea of the finished painting. However, after I've put down some brush strokes, the painting starts telling me what is needed and I allow myself to follow. I may find a shadow in the corner that needs to be balanced by a light area, a color that needs to be balanced by some neutrals, edges may need sharpening here and softening there, or my focal point calls for definition. Eventually the brush strokes add up to my satisfaction, and though it may not look like what was originally in my mind's eye, the painting is done. 


With both studio and plein air painting, I have a feeling I want to convey about the scene. I want the painting to look like the location, but ultimately, I offer my interpretation.  I may sense something about the light, certain reflections in the water, shadows across a field, or simply a feeling of awe and wonder.  My goal is to create a sense of space and atmosphere rather than photographic accuracy. .  

Solo Show

So Barbie, Steele Gallery, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2018

Group Shows

Views from the Pacific Northwest, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2022


Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds WA, 2022

Kang O’Higgins Atelier Show, Axis Pioneer Square, Seattle 2016, 2017, 2018

​Best of Gage, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2016, 2017, 2018

Gage Ateliers Exhibition, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2016, 2017, 2018

Holiday Small Works, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

​Spitting Image/Self-Portraits, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2016, 2017, 2018

She Don’t Look Back, Garden of Eden, Gene Juarez Salon & Spa, Seattle 2017

Mt. Rainier:  Homage to Modern Artists, Landscape Painters Northwest at Evergreen Church, Burien WA 2012

Mercer Slough- Summer, Landscape Painters Northwest at Washington State Convention Center, Seattle 2011

Roche Harbor Boats, View from Orcas Hotel, Buck Bay, East Sound, Roche Harbor View, Phinney Art Walk, Seattle 2006

​Susan, Arts of Snohomish Juried Art Show, Snohomish WA 2005

Persimmons on a Plate, Palo Alto Juried Art Show, Palo Alto CA 1975


Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2015-2018, Kang O’Higgins Atelier 

Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2006-2015, Foundations of Drawing, Various Classes &Workshops

University of Washington Extension, Seattle 2002, Certificate in Advanced Drawing & Painting 

Brooks College, Long Beach CA, 1987, Certificate in Fashion Design 

University of California, Berkeley CA, 1984, M.B.A.

University of California at Santa Cruz, 1974, Bachelor of Arts, Art History

Vanya, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle 2011:  2nd PLACE (Beginner-Portrait) Juried by Bellevue Arts Museum Artistic Director Stefano Catalani

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